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RESPONSE Activities

RESPONSE webinar "Local Energy Supply - Low Carbon & High Share of Renewables."

On September 19, RESPONSE held a webinar titled "Local Energy Supply - Low Carbon & High Share of Renewables." The event introduced Transformation Axis#2 and presented RESPONSE contributions and activities implemented, created new links between organizations and aimed to enable learning and knowledge exchange processes, especially between Lighthouse and Fellow cities.

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RESPONSE workshop – “A fair energy transition: developing PEDs in deprived areas.”

In the framework of EU week of regions and cities, Dijon Metropole together with EDF and Brussels City hosted the RESPONSE workshop – “A fair energy transition: developing PEDs in deprived areas.” Speakers from Dijon Métropole, City of Brussels, and EDF Bourgogne Franche Comté, demonstrate their PEDs projects in the Fontaine d’Ouche district in Dijon and in the Northern Districts of Brussels, as partner cities in the framework of H2020 project RESPONSE. The workshop focused on the social aspect and the integration of territories in the energy transition.

Sociedade Portuguesa de Inovação

RESPONSE Consortium Meeting in Dijon

The last RESPONSE Consortium Meeting happened from October 18 to 20th in Dijon and held different sessions about the project’s initiatives and the Lighthouse and Fellow Cities. Partners were able to get to know the Fellow cities better, and strengthen their collaboration with the Lighthouse cities and the horizontal partners of the project. Partners were also able to visit one of the PEDs in Fontaine d’Ouche.

The three-day event concluded with a press conference attended by François Rebsamen, Mayor of Dijon and President of Dijon Metropole, who signed the collective self-consumption agreement with Enedis. This was an opportunity to present the project, show the district and answer the questions of the 40 journalists present. In total, several dozen articles in the local, regional and national press were published, with a TV report on the regional news.

Text: Sociedade Portuguesa de Inovação / Dijon Métropole. Photo: Dijon Métropole

Second Consortium Plenary Board (CPB) Meeting


The second Consortium Plenary Board (CPB) meeting of the RESPONSE project was held on the 20th October, 2022. The meeting was hosted by the Dijon Métropole, as a hybrid event. It was very inspiring to meet the partners in person and discuss the progress and upcoming challenges in reaching climate neutrality in our 2 Lighthouse and 6 Fellow cities.

More than 50 attendees discovered the achievements made in different work packages during the second year of the project. The presentation and minutes are saved in the RESPONSE Teams Repository.

Text: Monjur Murshed, EIFER. Photo: Ville de Dijon

RESPONSE Participation in Events

Sustainable Places Conference in September

Sustainable Places Conference took place from 6th to 9th of September 2022. Ongoing EU projects have developed tools, models and solutions that can help cities accelerate their green and digital transformation. This workshop gathered several of them, presenting some of their key results supporting the development of more sustainable, smarter and greener cities. Hadrien Rouchette (Dijon Métropole) presented the “A fair energy transition: developing PED in deprived areas” workshop.

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Smart City Expo World Congress in November

RESPONSE was present in two panel discussions of the European Smart Cities and Communities stand of the Smart City Expo World Congress in Barcelona, in November: “How do We Reach Climate Neutrality in Cities by 2030?” and "Positive Energy Districts: Still So Much To Find Out!” Both sessions have been very fruitful for the discussions and interactions with other European projects.

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RESPONSE Lighthouse Cities Activities

Turku Ecosystem Meeting in June

From the 7th to 9th of June, the city of Turku, Finland, hosted a "Turku Ecosystem Meeting" in the context of the RESPONSE project. The program included a workshop on a long-term strategy for the adoption of proactive climate adaptation actions, several debates on the themes of positive energy building, and decarbonization of electricity grid Networks and a guided tour of the student village's PED. The meeting made it possible for the entire Turku Ecosystem, the lead partner, as well as for the Dijon and Fellow city representatives to get a concrete picture of the progress of the RESPONSE activities in the Turku PED.

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5th Block Retrofitting Renovations in Full Swing


The 5th Block in the Student Village, in other words the B4 building cluster in the Turku PED, is now being retrofitted. The retrofitting renovations which started in the end of August this year, encompass several energy-efficient and smart-ready building solutions.

First and foremost, the buildings will get new windows manufactured by HR-Ruhkala. The innovation of the windows lies on their top-class energy efficiency which is 75% better compared to the existing ones. The energy efficiency feature is achieved by using 4-glazing and modern nano coatings on the windowpanes, providing thermal insulation with a U-value of 0.55 W/m²K.
Half of the 5th Block apartments will also be equipped with Kiona’s human thermal sensation control sensors and self-sufficient IoT thermostats provided by VTT. By measuring the apartments’ air temperature and relative humidity, the sensors and smart radiator thermostats will work together for establishing a new room temperature setpoint at every 15 minutes.

In addition, HögforsGST’s high-performance ventilation system will allow for efficient heat recovery. Inlet air units will be installed on the building rooftops and new ducts will be made for each apartment. Exhaust air units will recover heat from the air pushed out from the buildings, the recovered heat will then be transmitted to the inlet air ventilation units. The renovations are expected to be finished by January 2023.

Text and photos: Sini Lamoureux, City of Turku

Hack2Horizon Hackatons


From the 25th to 27th of November, as part of the Ecological and Digital Transition Festival, more than 60 students from several schools in the metropolitan area of Dijon had the opportunity to participate in the RESPONSE hackathon at ESTP, Hack2Horizon.


The objective? To move forward with an idea and create a prototype in 48 hours around 9 challenges to support the ecological and energy transition. Congratulations to all the participants and to the winning team who developed a fictitious application to monitor the electricity consumption of buildings in Dijon.

Text and Photos: Lise Brusseaux, Dijon Métropole

Sustainable mobility and air quality workshop in Turku PED area

The 2nd Environmental workshop organized by the Citizen engagement work package in Turku brought together the PED residents and RESPONSE partners at the student village on the 27th of October. In the event, the participants were engaged to help develop e-mobility issues in the PED and the Air quality journey planner together with the RESPONSE partners from Turku UAS, the City of Turku, Finnish meteorological institute and University of Turku.

In the event, the participants were engaged to help develop e-mobility issues in the PED and the Air quality journey planner together with the RESPONSE personnel.

The workshop participants – 30 students and PED residents - were given the opportunity to test an electric bike and an electric cargo bike. They also made a trip using the Air quality journey planner application, which was also developed during the evening in a workshop. The appearance of the journey planner, which was named AirQu in the event, was also decided in a voting. On another workshop, sustainable mobility issues in the Student village area were discussed. After a short discussion, the participants were asked to imagine an ideal future in terms of sustainable mobility. A lively discussion followed, after which the participants were introduced to ways to advocate mobility related initiatives in the city of Turku.

Text: Heidi Heikkilä, Annika Kunnasvirta, Katariina Kiviluoto / Pictures: Heidi Heikkilä

RESPONSE Fellow Cities Activities

Gabrovo, Bulgaria

Discussion meeting "Mayors talk" - Funding and implementation of EE and RE projects at municipal level, July 7 and 8.
Municipality of Gabrovo and Eco Energy municipal network.

The RESPONSE's team delivered a presentation on the progress achieved so far as part of the Success Stories panel. The audience was interested to hear about the development of the replication plan and how the various IS/IEs would help MoG achieve its smart city objectives and enhance the decarbonization of the local economy. Great interest was shown by representatives of other Municipalities from across Bulgaria, asking MoG for experience and knowledge sharing upon successful completion of RESPONSE.

Text: Municipality of Gabrovo. Photo: Wikipedia


Severodonetsk, Ukraine


D8.8 Severodonetsk Replication Roadmap, Planning & Bold City Vision - V1 D8.8 delivers the Severodonetsk Replication Roadmap, Planning & Bold City Vision - V1 providing Severodonetsk replication strategy, activities planning and sustainability roadmap creation according to the most appropriate integrated solutions (ISs) and integrated elements (IEs) at preliminary stage. Preliminary stage is a state of the art of the city of Severodonetsk situation at the beginning of the RESPONSE project.

Severodonetsk Replication Roadmap, Planning & Bold City Vision - V1 paves the way for effective planning of actions towards sustainable positive energy city concept in Ukraine based on the ISs and IEs developed and implemented during RESPONSE project by Lighthouse cities (LHCs) of Dijon and Turku.

This report combines a variety of different replication activities that are covering technical, financial, economic, regulatory, administrative and social aspects. Moreover, it presents an updated overview of the Severodonetsk’s set of actions and plan towards replication activities.

Text: Regional Development Agency of Lugansk Region. Photo: Wikipedia





RESPONSE 3rd Webinar
December 7 2022

The RESPONSE project is organizing the 3rd Webinar focused on the topic “Positive Energy Building Systems” and the RESPONSE contributions and activities implemented under Transformation Axis one. The webinar will be held on December 7th from 11:30 to 13:00 and aims to increase public awareness of RESPONSE and to create new links between organizations and enable learning and knowledge exchange processes, especially between Lighthouse and Fellow cities. We would like to invite you to join this informative webinar.

Agenda and Speakers:

▶️  Overview on the 5 Transformation Axis - Jari Shemeikka (VTT)

▶️  Activities implemented in Lighthouse Cities: 

➡️  City of Turku:
"Retrofitting 50-year-old building block using state-of-the-art technology" - Rauli Lautkankare (City of Turku)
"Kiona, enabling buildings to be part of the solution City of Turku" - Mitra Hajigholi (City of Turku)
➡️  City of Dijon:
"Making the buildings smarter" - Hadrien Rouchette (Dijon Métropole) / Quentin Antoine (City of Dijon) / Stéphane Gagnat (OGGA Systems) / Devani Perera (Bouygues Construction)

▶️  Activities and expectations from Fellow Cities: 

➡️  Implementation plan - Zaragoza and Gabrovo:
Breogan Sanchez (City of Zaragoza)
Desislava Koleva (City of Gabrovo)

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