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RESPONSE Activities

Master City planning for Local Energy Supply - Low Carbon & High Share of Renewables (TA#2)

Detail current information on the demonstration PED area and related buildings are described: population, density, infrastructure, energy related aspects, smartness and positiveness, energy transition, living stock details, technical overview etc.

Regional Development Agency of Lugansk Region

RESPONSE mentor activities

RESPONSE mentors in Turku have arranged several citizen engagement related activities during the project lifetime so far. These include Treasure Hunt, Earth Hour and (coming next week) trash picking event. They also have launched their own Instagram account for reaching other residents of the PED area.

Instagram channel (Ritva Salminiitty WP4 leader, IS 5.1. leader)

WP4 Citizen engagement activities in Turku

WP4 activities in Turku have tried to engage citizens and other local actors in RESPONSE project. In core of our activities are voluntary mentors, who are students living in the PED area. They have arranged events in order to reach other residents in the ways that could attract young people. The goal of other events is to raise citizens´ awareness of energy issues and RESPONSE technical solutions (environmental workshops) and to engage also policy level actors in co-creation with citizens (Knowledge transfer event).

The hackathons are meant to engage citizens, student groups and business actors in innovating new solutions for PED development and citizen engagement in energy and environmental issues.

Ritva Salminiitty (WP4 leader, IS 5.1. leader)

Fellow Cities

Roadmap activities


The following roadmap activities have been developed:
• Description of the city in terms of geography, climate and any other characteristics that can be of importance; for example, sunny place, presence of river, presence of historical buildings, etc.
• Description of its population: young/old, active/inactive, big presence of tourists. Information on the population habits: large use of bicycles, lot of runners etc.
• Description of the replication areas: presence of historical buildings, characterization of the population, numbers and types of buildings (residential, commercial, public, etc.).
• Existing infrastructures inside the replication areas: presence of solar panels, storages, EV charging hubs, EMS, CIP, ICT and any other installation that could be related to some of the ISs/IEs proposed in the RESPONSE project.
• List of on-going/ended projects aimed to resolve or assess same problematics as those envisioned in the RESPONSE project.
• List of existing documents and their status (to be created/updated or already submitted), such as SEAP, SECAP, SUD, SUMP, etc.
• Analysis of regulation and administrative framework.

Current situation on the other roadmap objectives is the following: 6 objectives are on-going and 2 to be started.
Regional Development Agency of Lugansk Region



The event will introduce the updated climate plan for Turku and consists of students and politicians’ presentations about the climate actions in Turku. In workshop and panel citizens and policy level actors will discuss, how they can together move Turku towards the carbon neutral goals of the city.


Date 7.6.2022, Author Ritva Salminiitty (WP4 leader, IS 5.1. leader)


1st Social hackathon in Turku


The aim of the first social hackathon in Turku is to engage citizens, student groups and business actors in open innovation activities. The theme will be, how to engage citizens in following their own energy consumption and in acting towards energy positive lifestyle.

Call will open in August; the event will be arranged in November-December
Ritva Salminiitty (WP4 leader, IS 5.1. leader)


2nd Environmental workshop in Turku


The theme for second Environmental workshop will be e-mobility. The Journey Planner will be launched, and we introduce the mobility solutions of the project and climate solutions of FMI and UTU.

Ritva Salminiitty (WP4 leader, IS 5.1. leader)


RESPONSE in Fontaine d’Ouche site visit
Main promoter : DM
3 March 2022   |   RESPONSE’s role in the event/ activity


On the occasion of the recent launch of work on the Buffon school, François Rebsamen, Mayor of Dijon and President of Dijon Métropole, elected officials and partners visited Fontaine d'Ouche on Thursday, March 3. The transformations undertaken in the school consist of the installation of photovoltaic panels on the roof, second life batteries to store the energy produced and intelligent equipment to regulate air quality and temperature. An entire neighborhood is being reinvented! At the end of this urban renewal, more than 1,100 residents in nearly 500 homes and municipal buildings will benefit from the positive effects of these measures. By 2025, the RESPONSE neighbourhoods will have reduced their CO2 emissions by 75%.


Energy Cities Forum
Main promoter : DM + Participants from Brussels (Damien Guillet) and Turku (Miia Paananen)
21 April 2022   |   RESPONSE’s role in the event/ activity

1. Jean-Patrick Masson, vice-president of Dijon metropole in charge of renewable energies, presented the solutions tested by Dijon to accelerate the decarbonization of buildings and energy systems at a time when reducing our dependence on imported fossil fuels is crucial.

2. RESPONSE co-organised a workshop on the topic of Positive Energy Districts named « Positive Energy Districts : What and how in practice ? with TransPED, Cities4PEDs and DecarbCitiesPipes2050. Hadrien Rouchette presented the Governance model for PED in Dijon Metropole and led discussions with the participants on the different governance models for piloting urban transformations
Other speakers :
- Chiara Cicchiana, Architecture Workroom Brussels
- Diter Bruggeman, Vrije Universiteit Brussel
- Alice Detollenaere, City of Brussels
- Petra Schöfmann, Urban Innovation Vienna
- Wannes Vanheusden, 3E
- Andries de Brouwer, 3E

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Smart Cities Marketplace forum 2022
Main promoter : DM (Jean-Patrick Masson, Vice president of Dijon Metropole for renewable energies)
27 April 2022   |   RESPONSE’s role in the event / activity




The session « Smart City Partnerships for the future – changing systems to trigger’ » dived into the upcoming report from Scalable Cities on governance, compiled by looking at experiences from the Lighthouse Cities. Jean-Patrick Masson, Vice president of Dijon Metropole for renewable energies shared Dijon’s governance experiences made during Response and Smart City work in general.

Other speakers :
- Judith Borsboom van-Beurden, Director Locality
- Maria Uusitalo, Coordinator MySmartLife, City of Helskinki
- Georg Houben, Policy Officer, DG Energy, European Commission
- Jean-Patrick Masson, Vice President of Dijon Metropole for Ecological Transition, Waste, Renewable Energies, Networks and H2020 Program

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Europe Village in Dijon
Main promoter : DM, EDF, Enedis  |  Event organiser :  Dijon Métropole
12 May 2022  |   RESPONSE’s role in the event / activity

Raising awareness of the RESPONSE project and the energy transition. During one day, the RESPONSE Dijon Metropole team with its partners EDF and Enedis held a stand in the heart of Dijon and welcomed students and children from Dijon. The RESPONSE stand welcomed children from different schools, including two from Fontaine d'Ouche, the neighborhood being transformed as part of the project. To help these children to better understand the issues of their neighborhood, and to better understand the energy transition, Dijon Métropole, EDF and Enedis proposed several activities:

- Dijon Métropole presented the project and the work in progress in the neighborhood using the physical and digital model of the Fontaine d'Ouche district.

- Enedis has developed a game on the energy transition. An opportunity for children to learn while having fun

- EDF presented the energy transition jobs. The opportunity to promote these jobs and encourage high school students to get involved in this field!


Nordic Edge Expo Smart City Conference
Main promoter : Turku (Iris Kriikula)
10-11 May 2022   |   RESPONSE’s role in the event / activity 

In the session « Energy Emergency – from the big picture to the small solutions », Iris Kriikkula from Turku’s climate team gave insights into how we can replicate and scale up positive energy districts and how to motivate private business owners and homeowners to join the climate-neutrality journey.

Other speakers :
- Luber Perez, from Rystad Energy – The Big Picture
- Robert Compton, from Germany Trade & Invest – How Germany is making very drastic policy changes on energy and accelerating the energy transition rapidly
- Esben Tonning Otterlei, from Lyse AS – Waste Heat Highway
- Khalid Aziz, from Signify – Lighting innovation to untap new growth opportunities
- Anke Hoekstra, from the City of Leeuwarden
- Iris Kriikkula, from the City of Turku
- Torgeir Waterhouse, Founder and Partner at Otte AS

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National conference “Modern development of constructing and housing-communal services”

Participants: more than 60 participants from Regional Development Agency of Lugansk Region, Volodymyr Dahl East Ukraine National University, Department of Communal-Housing Services of Luhansk Region Military-Civil Administration and other institution.

Conference topics were smart meters and applications for energy monitoring, energy saver reconstruction of residential buildings, energy efficiency of residential buildings, efficient repairing of civil houses roofs etc.

Vitaliy Surai, head of Communal-Housing Services Department of Luhansk Region Military-Civil Administration, reported on the current region challenges in housing and communal services development and future plan. Halyna Tatarchenko, Team lead from the city of Severodonetsk in RESPONSE project, presented planed objectives for development of Severodonetsk roadmap and SEAP.

December 2, 2021
Regional Development Agency of Lugansk Region


Severodonetsk Roadmap and SEAP Meeting

Participants: Regional Development Agency of Lugansk Region, Economic Development Department and Division of Energy Management and Implementation of Energy-Saving Technologies of Civil-military administration of the city of Severodonetsk in Luhansk region.

Halyna Tatarchenko, Tetiana Biloborodova, Olexandr Ryazantsev presented information about planed RESPONSE project roadmap activities.

Future roadmap activities development considering Severodonetsk SEAP have been discussed with Olena Riazantseva, Head of the Department of Energy Management and Implementation of Energy-Saving Technologies, and Anastasiya Pivovarova, Head of Economic Development Department.

December 16, 2021
Regional Development Agency of Lugansk Region


Meeting on Severodonetsk IEs/ISs 

Participants: Regional Development Agency of Lugansk Region, Division of Energy Management and Implementation of Energy-Saving Technologies of Civil-military administration of the city of Severodonetsk in Luhansk region, experts of geoinformation technologies.

IEs/ISs opportunities and implementation issues have been discussed with experts from the point of view of geoinformation technologies. Potential investors for IEs/ISs and ways to involve them have been discussed.

February 17, 2022
Regional Development Agency of Lugansk Region


Upcoming events

Urban Future Conference
Main promoter : Turku (Iris Kriikula)
1 June 2022   |   RESPONSE’s role in the event / activity 

Making new buildings sustainable will have an impact – however, only over time. The opportunities that arise when revitalising larger urban areas that already exist today are numerous, and immediate. Clearly, we should be talking about retrofitting buildings, but also about the spaces in between them. Mobility concepts and local commerce play critical roles in both: Increasing liveability and reducing the environmental impact. It’s not rocket science, we just need to consider it – oh yes, and actually do it.

Other speakers :
- Etienne Vignali, Project Manager at SPL Lyon Confluence
- Paulo Palha, CEO of Neoturf and President of ANCV
- Sini Lamoureux, Project Coordinator at the City of Turku
- Manuel Perez Romero, Chair of the Center for Sustainable Cities at IE School of Architecture and Desgin

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EU Week of Regions and Cities
Main promoter : DM, Brussels, EDF
1 June 2022   |   RESPONSE’s role in the event / activity 

DM, Brussels and EDF will host a workshop at the EU Week of Regions and Cities event in October ! The session will focuse on the social aspect and the integration of territories in the energy transition. PEDs have the potential to turn deprived districts into liveable and valued ones through better stakeholders collaboration, community involvment, job creation, boosting of the local economy, reduced energy poverty rates, better local shared spaces and better air quality. This is the specificity of the Response project : when most of the PEDs are implemented in new or very recent neighborhoods, Dijon and Brussels are setting up major collective self consumtion operations in deprived area. During the workshop, the aim will be to disucuss the major challenges by implementing PED in deprived districts:

How to get the population on board in a context of rising energy costs? What indicators should be put in place to evaluate the success of the inhabitants’ engagement in the energy transition?

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The Vaasa Energy Week 2022
March 21st to 25th 2022

This annual event is the most significant international networking and sales event in the Nordic energy sector which gathers representatives of the energy and administrative sectors as well as energy enthusiasts from all over the world to discuss about the latest trends and news on energy sector and to extend their networks, but also to do business. The topics of this year’s event were energy and environment, wind and renewable energy, smart energy including smart city solutions in Finland, gas energy and energy storage. A total of 154 speakers and over 6,200 event participants from over 30 different countries took part in the event. RESPONSE Finnish lighthouse and fellow cities discussed their smart city development plans as well as their lighthouse city projects.

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