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Webinar: RESPONSE – first actions and future plans towards Positive Energy Districts

On October 1st, 2021, the RESPONSE project hosted its first webinar, RESPONSE – first actions and future plans towards Positive Energy Districts. The webinar aimed to provide and discuss the initial experiences of the RESPONSE Partner Cities and their first steps towards achieving Positive Energy Districts. For those who were not available to participate in the webinar, it is available on RESPONSE’s Youtube channel. Read more

Inês Guerra Alves, SPI


Consortium Plenary Board Meeting

The first Consortium Plenary Board meeting of the RESPONSE Project was held on 19th October 2021. During this fruitful one-day virtual event, more than 90 attendees discovered the achievements made during the first year of the project and got informed about the ongoing issues. Read more

David Goujon, EIFER
Suzie Besset, Dijon Metropole 

Tulevaisuuden lämpö – Webinaari

Products further developed in the RESPONSE project are been used to promote projects for various customers, as part of Hogforsgst’s (RESPONSE partner) sales and market development work. Hogforsgst carry out events in which the RESPONSE project was highlighted.

Åke Vikstedt, Hogforsgst

Lighthouse Cities

Turku PEB building “Tyyssija” welcoming its first tenants in January 2022


An important component of Turku’s Positive Energy Block (PEB) – building “Tyyssija” (Eng. “Haven”) is about to enter a new chapter. Starting from January 2022 it will host its very first tenants. “Tyyssija” is one of the Turku Student Village Foundation’s (TYS) many residential buildings located in Turku’s Positive Energy District (PED). TYS was founded in 1966 by the by the Student Union of the University of Turku, the Foundation’s mission has since then been to build, renovate, rent, and maintain apartments for students. Read more

Text: Sini Lamoureux, City of Turku
Photos: City of Turku and TUAS


The “Tyyssija” inner yard under
 construction in October 2021

Path to the replication started


The assessment of replication potentialities carried out during the first stage of RESPONSE led to the identification of actions to be developed in the city. One of the most ambitious projects is the revitalization of a 1960’s-built workers neighborhood and its integration within a Positive Energy District framework. Read more

Text: Berogan Sanchez
Photo: Creative Commons Licence


Turku LH City: Demonstration, Moniotoring and Replication Activities


Based on the experience and application ideas gained from the RESPONSE project, we have developed new products, such as a modular standardized solution to integrate district heating and heat pump in new residential buildings.

Åke Vikstedt, Hogforsgst


Partnership agreement “cuisine mode d’emploi(s)” and Enedis


Cuisine Mode d’Emploi(s)” and Enedis signed a five years partnership on 28th October 2021. “Beyond the ecological and energetic aspect of the RESPONSE project, it is important to make RESPONSE an opportunity for each inhabitant of the district in terms of education, training and employment” Nadia Murat-Faustin, Enedis. Read more

Enedis DR Bourgogne


Gazette n°2 de Fontaine d’Ouche


The second gazette of the works in the Fontaine d'Ouche neighborhood was distributed to the residents in July 2021. The opportunity to come-back on the transformation of the district and on the innovative technologies that will be deployed. For example, the photovoltaic panels that allow residents to consume their own electricity while fighting against climate change.

Suzie Besset, Dijon Metropole


Fellow Cities

Towards a District Heating Cold Network in the Brussels North District
On Tuesday 9th November the City of Brussels and Up4North invited decision makers and various relevant stakeholders to exchange on the set-up of a district heating and cooling network in the Brussels North District. Read more


Thomas Deweer, Up4North


Implementation of the " Sustainable Energy Action Plan of Severodonetsk until 2020" for 2020

In 2013, the city of Severodonetsk joined the Covenant of Mayors. To achieve the goals identified by the Covenant of Mayors, in 2015 the city has developed the Severodonetsk Sustainable Energy Action Plan through 2020 (SEAP).
Read more

Regional Development Agency of Lugansk Region



03/09/2021 – 04/09/2021

SIDO Lyon is the reference event in Europe on the convergence of IoT, Artificial Intelligence, XR & Robotics technologies. RESPONSE was at the heart of a conference followed by a round table around decarbonisation of territory: living green. Read more

Suzie Besset, Dijon Metropole

Public lecture "Towards the positive energy city"


Professor Halyna Tatarchenko gave a public lecture to the students of the specialty "Construction and Civil Engineering". Lectures cycle is a way to get knowledge about RESPONSE project ideas, and can help participants to know what Innovative technologies can be used towards positive energy city. Read more

Regional Development Agency of Lugansk Region

CyberFest 2021, North East England, the UK


Igor Kotsiuba, CEO of iSolutions Labs UK delivered the main objectives and innovative approaches to cybersecurity for the cities and data lake of RESPONSE project in front of stakeholders of North East England, leading region in digital transformation and carbo zero 2050 goal in the UK.
Read more

Igor Kotsiuba - CEO of iSolutions Labs (Healthymity)


On October 13th, on the occasion of the annual convention of small and medium-sized companies in the Côte d'Or department, Dijon metropole presented the RESPONSE project to company managers.

Suzie Besset, Dijon Metropole

The power of meeting in person
Turku Lighthouse leaders met physically for the first time


In late October 2021, the Turku Lighthouse project implementation leaders met physically for the first time since the proposal preparation. The meeting included common discussion about the integration of technical solutions in citizen engagement activities and also included a site visit to the one of the Positive Energy Block (PEB) buildings – “Tyyssija”. Read more

Text: Sini Lamoureux, City of Turku
Photo: Heidi Heikkilä, TUAS

Turku Lighthouse leaders in the Tyyssija inner yard

School-business week and industry week/ Semaine école-entreprise et semaine de l’industrie

During the School-Business Week, whose theme was “preparing together for the jobs of today and tomorrow" and the Industry Week, whose theme was "inventing a sustainable future", Dijon installs the RESPONSE model in the FO neighborhood house and invites students, teachers, and local actors to come and discover the RESPONSE project. Professionals of the energy transition (EDF, Enedis, Léon Grosse) join forces to show young people the jobs of tomorrow. Read more

Suzie Besset, Dijon Metropole

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