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The hackathons challenged participants to create innovative solutions.


As part of the RESPONSE project, Turku has hosted its 3rd and 4th hackathons focused on energy transition. The 3rd hackathon challenged participants to create solutions for minimizing PV energy curtailment at the residential level, while the 4th invited ideas for engaging people in energy issues through an interactive, gamified approach. Both events were successfully concluded, showcasing innovative solutions with significant societal impact.

Meet the Winners of the 3rd Hackathon

This year’s Turkus technical hackathon topic was “Residential PV Curtailment Mitigation and Energy Optimization”. Throughout the application process, 6 teams presented their solutions and methodologies for evaluation. The jury selected 3 teams and accordingly awarded 1st, 2nd, and 3rd prizes. The team who secured the 1st place had advanced their idea using AI algorithms.

1st Prize Winning Team

1st Prize Winning Team is developing an AI-powered energy management system for residential PV curtailment and energy optimization. Located in Sri Lanka, they will be implementing their idea from their home place. 

2nd Prize Winning Team

The 2nd Prize Winning Team´s project involved backend development with a machine-learning-based prediction module for residential PV curtailment and energy optimization. 

3rd Prize Winning Team

The 3rd Prize Winning Team worked on leveraging deep neural networks to make smart decisions about energy production and consumption for residential PV curtailment and energy optimization.


Meet the Winners of the 4rd Hackathon

A social hackathon organized in Turku was held under the “Gamifying Energy” challenge, aimed to make understanding energy and climate change engaging and accessible. On May 24-25, the Hackathon for the RESPONSE project took place at Turku University of Applied Sciences. 8 teams, including students, companies, and organizations, competed to develop energy-themed games to raise awareness about energy issues. The winners of the hackathon were selected on June 7th. 


1st Prize Winning Team

The winning team, ButterGuy, developed an engaging solution utilizing data from the city of Turku and incorporated the energy avatar developed in the project as a part of the game. 

2nd Prize Winning Team

The 2nd prize was awarded to team GreenMe and 3rd to team NormalNorppa.