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Solutions from residents to residents – RESPONSE hackathon solution reduces CO2 emissions and saves moneyby scheduling the use of household appliances

Electricity prices and energy savings have been on the minds of many people during the past years in Finland and all over Europe, but did you know that by shifting your electricity consumption you can save both the environment and money? If you’ve been wondering how much carbon dioxide emissions are caused by using electricity to run your washing machine, or how much it actually costs to heat up your sauna, it’s now easy to find out with Every day demand response calculator.

The Everyday Demand Response Calculator is a web-based application that allows you to easily check when to use different household appliances to minimise the emissions and electricity costs of your electricity use. The app provides the user with information on the cost of electricity use and the amount of CO2 emissions from the appliance, as well as a visual representation of the optimal time to use the appliance, when it will produce the lowest emissions (gCO2) and the lowest electricity bill increase for electricity customers (€).

Solutions from residents to residents

The concept of the Everyday Demand Response Calculator was developed by Enutime Oy who won the “Energy Made Easy for People” hackathon in April 2023, organised as part of the RESPONSE project. The  competition, organised by the City of Turku and Turku University of Applied Sciences, aimed to find new innovative digital solutions that would encourage people to pay attention to their own energy consumption and change their consumption habits.

The Everyday Demand Response Calculator can be found at

Everyday Demand Response Calculator