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The discussion on energy research and innovation for a competitive Europe provided insights into Empower Communities: Citizen Engagement Practices in Clean Energy Transition and the revamped SET Plan as instruments to address energy policy challenges.

On 13 November, as part of the SET Plan Conference 2023, Jean-Patrick Masson (Vice-President of Dijon Métropole) participated in a round table discussion on the empowerment of communities and best practices for citizen involvement in the clean energy transition.

This was an opportunity to present RESPONSE’s challenges and successes in Dijon, engaging inhabitants of the Fontaine d’Ouche district, where the PEBs are being implemented.

Watch the conference here: 17th SET Plan Conference – 14 November 2023.

Key messages from the discussion:

The 3 pillars of multi-stakeholder engagement are crucial to the local energy transition

  • Involvement of local stakeholders and strong public-private partnerships,
  • citizens’ involvement, collaboration with the European level for inspiration,
  • and the exchange of good practice.

Speakers of Empowering Communities at 17th SET Plan Conference.

Activating all means of communication to engage citizens in the transition

Regular newsletters, on-site workshops, meetings with elected representatives, and the citizen engagement platform for inhabitants to share their ideas and comments on the project, offering inhabitants the opportunity to become ambassadors for the Fontaine d’Ouche to promote the PEBs to other residents.