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The latest updates from RESPONSE project

Three days of valuable exchange and PED visits – Ecosystem Meeting Gathered Partners in Turku
Partners from all over Europe and Finland travelled to Turku...
The first face to face RESPONSE meeting held in Brussels attended by RESPONSE city administrators and partners
The city of Brussels hosted the first RESPONSE meetings attended...
Path to the replication started
The assessment of replication potentialities carried out during the first...

Turku PEB building “Tyyssija” welcoming its first tenants in January 2022

An important component of Turku’s Positive Energy Block (PEB) – building “Tyyssija” (Eng. “Haven”) is about to enter a new chapter. Starting from January 2022 it will host its very

Implementation of the ” Sustainable Energy Action Plan of Severodonetsk until 2020″ for 2020

In 2013, the city of Severodonetsk joined the Covenant of Mayors. To achieve the goals identified by the Covenant of Mayors, in 2015 the city has developed the Severodonetsk Sustainable

Consortium Plenary Board Meeting

The first Consortium Plenary Board meeting of the RESPONSE Project was held on 19th October 2021. During this fruitful one-day virtual event, more than 90 attendees discovered the achievements made

Partnership agreement “cuisine mode d’emploi(s)” and Enedis

Veronique Carrion (Executive Director – Cuisine Mode d’Emploi(s)” and Nadia Murat-Faustin (Côte-d’Or Territorial Delegate and RESPONSE Project Leader – Enedis) signed a five years partnership on 28th October 2021. This

Towards a District Heating Cold Network in the Brussels North District

On Tuesday 9th November the City of Brussels and Up4North invited decision makers and various relevant stakeholders to exchange on the set-up of a district heating and cooling network in

Peer mentoring engages citizens in Turku

Citizens are key actors in building sustainable and resilient cities. Therefore, in the Lighthouse City Turku, one of the innovative elements applied in RESPONSE project is peer mentoring method. It