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Hackathon Dijon (Ended)

25-27 November 2022: Two days to innovate and reshape the future of the resilient and low-carbon city

Event has happened in 2022, please read the complete news and results here:


Cities need to innovate to face the new challenges of global warming: energetic transition, mobility, adaptation to climate change, smart building and infrastructure, etc.

You are student and you want to participate in the emergence of innovative solutions? Join Hack2Horizon Solutions for Resilient and Low Carbon City from Friday 25th to Sunday 27th of November 2022 in Dijon.

What is Hack2Horizon Solutions for Resilient and Low Carbon City ?

Hack2Horizon Solutions for Resilient and Low Carbon City is the 1st hackathon organized in Dijon within the Open Innovation Program of RESPONSE.

During two days you will work within a multidisciplinary team of 4 to 6 students in order to develop an innovative solution (software, innovative service, device…) responding to a challenge related to the smart and low-carbon city (The challenges will be released in this page by 1st of November 2022).

At the end of the hackathon each team will present its work in front of a jury during a pitch session and the winner will be awarded.

And as it must also be a funny experience, entertainment activities will be planned all along the weekend!

10 challenges of the 1st hackathon in Dijon

1. Web app to valorize Atmo BFC’s Open data (air quality index, exposure of populations and territories, average concentrations, annual emission of the main pollutants, pollution episodes, etc.) and give access to intelligible and useful information for the public.
2. How to raise awareness and encourage residents to adopt a new sorting gesture with bio-waste, via innovative and incentive solutions in collective housing?
3. Development of a decision support application for the programming of work for the energy transition based on historical data of renovation (type of work, amounts…) and consumption of buildings (schools, gyms…)
4. Development of an educational and entertaining tool to explain the functioning and the interest of the collective self-consumption of electricity for the inhabitants.
5. Solution to mobilize citizens around energy sobriety using data from the energy and climate platform.
6. What solution should be implemented to optimize energy management (production, storage, distribution of uses, etc.) on mixed-use blocks (offices, housing, shops, etc.)?
7. Development of an AI to analyze electrical load curves to allow consumers to optimize their consumption and free up electrical power for the network.
8. How, from the data collected in the housings, can we show tenants in real time (at the stairwell, building and block level (6 buildings)) that small individual gestures contribute to big collective savings?
9. DiviAccès 2.0: Analysis of usage data of the transportation service for people with reduced mobility and recommendations for improvement to increase shared transportation.
10. How can data from connected housing sensors (smoke detectors, thermal regulation, access systems, etc.) be used to detect pre-fragility situations among senior tenants to automatically trigger a call campaign, a home visit or contact with a partner?


All meals and coffee breaks will be proposed for free on premise during the hackathon.


Access to the rules and registration: (past event)

Organizers : Dijon Métropole, Campus des Métiers et Qualification Green City, DIIAGE, ESEO, ESTP

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