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2nd Hackathon Turku (Ended)

Technical Hackathon – RESPONSE Hackathon

To whom?

The challenge is open to:

  • Front-end developers
  • Full-stack developers
  • Web development Start-up/Company
  • Student teams with software design and web development experience

The maximum number of members per team is 10 people. A team is also considered to be a single participant.


Energy is part of everyone’s daily life but is also rarely effectively managed and monitored. Big Data and IoT enables to acquire a lot of highly valuable information about energy systems. Efforts must be done to communicate about it and improve the awareness of both stakeholders and citizen on energy-related issues. To do this, a graphical user-friendly interface is needed to enhance information collected. 


The hackathon focuses on an Energy Management System’s interface that will enable users to monitor and control their energy usage efficiently. Energy management systems play a critical role in achieving sustainability goals and have several benefits for citizens. By efficiently monitoring and controlling energy usage, these systems can conserve energy, leading to a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions and a mitigation of the effects of climate change. Moreover, energy management systems can integrate renewable energy sources, such as solar power, into the energy grid, thus reducing reliance on fossil fuels and promoting the use of clean energy. This not only has environmental benefits but can also result in cost savings for individuals and businesses. Furthermore, energy management systems improve energy security by increasing the reliability and resilience of the energy infrastructure, reducing dependence on foreign energy sources.

How and When?

Turku University of Applied Sciences and City of Turku are extending the call for a Technical hackathon, which was previously published here. The call for proposals for Phase 1 is therefore open until 22 October 2023 (17:00:00 (Brussels time). Accordingly, updated schedule on the extension is available below and in the related documents.

The procedure for the extended hackathon has not changed. During the hackathon a maximum of 2 proposals will be awarded with prizes after public feedback and a jury decision. The hackathon is divided in different phases:

  1. Submission of concept papers, of which max. 10 best teams will be chosen to participate in the phase 2.
  2. MVP development
  3. Beta Version development
  4. Final Product development – only for Hackathon winner, with negotiations.

The hackathon will be held in English and Finnish, and the solutions can be delivered in either of these languages and will mostly be held online, except for the award ceremony that will be in person.


The total prize money for the hackathon is 50 000 €. The prize money for the winners is distributed in the following way:

Access to the rules and registration: 

Organizers: Turku University of Applied Sciences and City of Turku

Submission of the concept paper and contacts: