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2nd Hackathon Dijon

17th -19th November 2023: HACK2HORIZON 2023, Two days of innovation for Resilient and Low Carbon Cities

You are student and you want to participate in the emergence of innovative solutions for low carbon cities? Join Hack2Horizon 2023 from Friday 17th to Sunday 19th of November 2022 in Dijon.

During two days you will be part of a multidisciplinary teams of 5 to 8 students in order to develop an innovative solutions to a challenge proposed by a partner company or a business project

The challenges will address following issues:

  • How to encourage and help inhabitants and stakeholders to change their behaviour in order to lower their carbon footprint?
  • How to visualize and model carbon emission/pollution/heat/energy consumption in the city in order to monitor actions for progress?
  • How to use data to develop innovative solutions for smart and low carbon cities?



All meals and coffee breaks will be proposed for free on premise during the hackathon.