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4th Hackathon in Turku

Register until May 15th and have the chance to win 40 000€

Citizens’ Energy Game - Turku Hackathon 2024

To whom?

The challenge is open to students, companies, organizations as well as other groups or individuals who want to solve the challenge. 


Energy is part of everyone’s everyday life. It is needed in machines, devices, and networks. It affects our wallet and our environment. It’s rarely something funny. To drive change and participate in the green transition, citizens should gain an understanding of energy and climate change so that they

a) can and want to make a difference
b) know what they can do and
c) know how their actions have an impact.

Any new action should be integrated into the natural way of doing things, effortlessly and easily in everyday life. To do this, a new gamified tool is needed to enable citizens to produce and share interactive content related to climate change and bright futures.


At the hackathon, CITIZENS’ ENERGY GAME – TURKU HACKATHON 2024, we are looking for an interactive gamified solution that would encourage people to get involved in solving climate change challenges. It could cover energy issues widely (e.g. housing, mobility, sharing solutions, novel energy solutions) and smarter energy-saving targets and places.

The winner should introduce a game, gamified solution, or a high-quality applicable plan that enables citizens to produce and share interactive content related to climate change, including aspects of energy and sustainable mobility.


Turku University of Applied Sciences and City of Turku will organize a hackathon, which includes a two-day event. During the event a maximum of 3 proposals will be awarded with prizes after a jury decision.

The hackathon is divided in different phases:

#1:  Submission of concept papers, of which a maximum of 10 solutions will be chosen to participate in the hackathon event.

#2: 2-day hackathon event:

 – During the 1st day all invited participants will develop their solution and pitch it to the jury. The five best teams will be chosen to stay on for the 2nd day.

 – During the 2nd day the chosen teams will develop their solution further and create a video pitching to the jury.

#3: The winner and runners-up will be awarded in a final event.


The hackathon will be held in English and Finnish, and the solutions can be delivered in either of these languages. Meals and refreshments will be provided for free on premises during the main hackathon event. 


The total prize money for the hackathon is up to 44 000 €. The prize money for the winners is distributed in the following way:

Access to the rules and registration: 

Organizers: Turku University of Applied Sciences and City of Turku.

Submission of the technical report or concept paper:

Don’t miss this Opportunity! Register Until May 15th