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3rd Hackathon in Turku

Register until May 8th and have the chance to win 15 000€

Technical Hackathon – RESPONSE Hackathon

To whom?

The challenge is open to:

  • Front-end developers
  • Full-stack developers
  • Web development Start-up/Company
  • Student teams with software design and web development experience

The maximum number of members per team is 10 people. A single participant will also be considered as a team.


The occurrence of electricity curtailment is a relatively recent development. In the era of consistent fossil fuel production, electricity supply seamlessly mirrored demand patterns. However, with the increasing integration of intermittent renewables, electricity generation aligns with the availability of sunlight or wind, resulting in a notable disparity between supply and demand. If left unaddressed, the substantial production of renewable power has the potential to either overwhelm the grid or significantly surpass demand, consequently resulting in financial losses. The growing prevalence of solar power installations has introduced a unique challenge: the curtailment of PV energy. This phenomenon arises when the generated solar energy exceeds local demand, leading to potential negative electricity prices. 


The technical hackathon challenge is to develop an innovative solution that empowers homeowners to minimize PV energy curtailment at the residential scale. Participants are tasked with analysing data, predicting solar energy production, and household electricity consumption to program an intelligent shutdown, all while having access to PV production data and electricity prices from Turku UAS Application Program Interface (API). The proposed solution should control a dummy setup for remote testing located at Turku University of Applied Sciences.


Turku University of Applied Sciences and City of Turku will organize a technical hackathon. During the event, a maximum of 3 proposals will be awarded with prizes after public feedback and a jury decision. The hackathon is divided in different stages:

  1. Submission of concept papers – maximum 10 best teams will be chosen in the 1st evaluation stage.
  2. After the 1st evaluation stage, the 3 best teams will be invited for presentation (platform development/ app-based solution).
  3. In the final evaluation stage, 3 teams will be selected based on their final tested Back-End Product.
  4. Final Product development – this applies only to the Hackathon winner. The winning team must showcase their product’s potential, capable of integration and deployment.


The hackathon will be held in English and Finnish, and the solutions can be delivered in either of these languages and will mostly be held online, except for the award ceremony that will be in person.


The total prize money for the hackathon is 20 000€. The prize money for the winners is distributed in the following way:

Access to the rules and registration: 

Organizers: Turku University of Applied Sciences and City of Turku.

Submission of the technical report or concept paper:

Don’t miss this Opportunity! Register Until May 8th