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In late October 2021, the Turku Lighthouse project implementation leaders met physically for the first time since the proposal preparation. The purpose of the meeting was to discuss common challenges, timetables, and next steps regarding the work of the local ecosystem. The meeting included common discussion about the integration of technical solutions in citizen engagement activities and up-coming endeavors taking place in the coming year. Turku Administrative Site Manager Olena Zinchuk is happy about the possibility to meet in person after such a long period of virtual collaboration: “We got to see each other’s’ faces and got reminded that the project’s success is a combined effort of partner organizations and the people behind them. It was an excellent occasion to look into the main points in need of closer attention regarding the project implementation and how to proceed.” Aside from discussions the meeting also included a site visit to the one of the Positive Energy Block (PEB) buildings – “Tyyssija”. It is currently in the finalizing stages of the construction, completion of which is scheduled for 31 December 2021. The participants familiarized themselves with the building milieu and got a concrete understanding of the hard project measures which is important for moving RESPONSE forward.

Turku Lighthouse leaders in the Tyyssija inner yard

Text – Sini Lamoureux, City of Turku
Photo – Heidi Heikkilä, TUAS