Develop user-friendly interface to enhance & visualize information from Energy Management System (EMS) and win up to 45 000 EUR for the development

The RESPONSE project invites front-end developers, full-stack developers, web development start-ups, companies and student teams with software design and web development experience to a hackathon.

The focus of the hackathon will be on creating an interface for an Energy Management System’s (EMS) that enables users to monitor and control their energy usage efficiently. Energy management systems play a critical role in achieving sustainability goals and have several benefits for citizens. By effectively monitoring and controlling energy usage, energy is conserved, leading to a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions and mitigation of the effects of climate change. EMS can integrate renewable energy sources, such as solar power, into the energy grid, thus reducing reliance on fossil fuels. Furthermore, EMS improves energy security by increasing the reliability and resilience of the energy infrastructure, reducing dependence on foreign energy sources.

With the RESPONSE technical hackathon, we are searching for a front-end application or website which is user-friendly for the Cloud-based High Level Energy Management System (HL-EMS) of the RESPONSE project. The GUI/APP should enable easy access to data and provide intuitive visualization of energy consumption, production, and storage.

Learn more about the challenge here:

Submit your concept paper by August 14th