Turku PED area residents and technical providers met at the first Environmental workshop on December

The RESPONSE technical providers introduced their solutions to the audience for the first time in the Environmental Workshop, organized by Turku University of Applied Sciences (TUAS). The residents of Turku PED area, the Student village, and other students were invited to the event that was held on December 2nd.
The audience listened carefully, when Turku Energia, Högfors GST, Sunamp, VTT, Egain and Solar Finland talked about the solution they are implementing in the recently constructed Tyyssija building in Turku Student village. The Student village foundation TYS was also present and explained how they support sustainable development, for example by heating control and enabling recycling.

After the presentations, the participants enjoyed coffee and snacks and toured around tables where the technical providers explained about their activities within the project. Other RESPONSE partners had also the possibility to present their activities so TYS, the City of Turku and The Student village mentors were present, too.

It was also possible to participate in different kinds of activities in the event. Participant’s preferred routes and modes of mobility were mapped in one activity. Turku City Data, together with FMI and the city of Turku, organized a workshop where participants marked pleasant and unpleasant routes in the city of Turku. The materials produced in the activities can be used later in different types of mobility services developed in the project.

Workshop participants marking their most and least favorite routes and spots in Turku.

The event was a great possibility for many of the RESPONSE stakeholders to meet face-to-face. As the covid pandemic is still causing some inconveniences when planning meetings, the technical providers have had few possibilities for meeting each other. Therefore, the Student village tenants, and other participants were not the only ones who gained information in this event, but it was also good place for networking and sharing information among the project partners.

Text: Heidi Heikkilä
Photos: Elina Lunden